14th + Spring Mixed-Use Development

Atlanta, GA
  • 761,000 sq ft
  • $164 million
  • 17 stories
  • LEED Silver

Structural Features

  • Continuing the trend of deluxe development along the Atlanta corridor, this mixed-use site includes a 5-level structure parking deck that supports an office tower and a residential tower. U+C designed all parking levels, the 12-story office tower, and the additional 2-story podium structure to support the residential tower.
  • The typical office tower floors are designed using 5-inch thick one-way slabs supported by 21-inch deep mild-reinforced beams and post-tensioned girders.
  • The structured parking deck is a post-tensioned concrete slab and beam framing system. At large concentrated loads, such as column transitions, harped post-tensioned beams were designed to safely support the load while minimizing the beam depth.
  • The podium structure supporting the residential tower is constructed of flat plate, post-tensioned slabs to maximize clear heights. It houses retail, residential, and amenities spaces.


Outstanding Achievement Award, Mixed-Use Category, 2023
American Concrete Institute (ACI), Georgia Chapter