Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) - Pedestrian Bridge

Atlanta, GA
  • 290 ft bridge
  • $2 Million
  • Steel construction
  • Completed in 2021

Structural Features

  • This pedestrian bridge spans over a stream and a roadway which required two 90-foot-long central spans to connect the new campus’ parking deck and office building.
  • The 90-foot spans were too long for conventional beam framing, but short enough to make a conventional truss solution inefficient. Therefore a unique truss/beam hybrid design was developed.
  • The Y-shape columns include trapezoidal moment frame beams for geometric and aesthetic reasons.
  • The creative process was driven by the desire to create a structurally derived form, which would be both efficient and inspiring.


Outstanding Project Award, New Bridge and Transportation Structures Category, 2022
Structural Engineers Association of Georgia (SEAOG)