Emory St. Joseph's Hospital - Doctor's Center Four

Atlanta, GA
  • 231,000 bldg sq ft
  • 396,000 parking sq ft
  • 12 stories
  • Completed in 2003

Structural Features

  • This project includes an 8-story medical office tower atop a 4-level parking deck. An adjacent precast concrete parking deck integrates into the tower to provide ample parking for the building and the medical campus.
  • The office levels are constructed of cast-in-place concrete with one-way slabs supported by mild-reinforced beams and post-tensioned girders.  The parking levels below the tower are cast-in-place, post-tensioned slab and beam framing.
  • At parking level 4, a new 50-foot long pedestrian walkway was hung from existing concrete framing above to connect to the existing adjacent parking deck. Composite floor deck spans between support beams, rather than over top, to create a shallow 10″ total floor profile to satisfy vehicle clearances of the existing ramps below.
  • On the northwest corner of the building, an elegant wave canopy covers walkway between the tower and adjacent Marta station.  The backbone of the canopy was designed as a curved truss composed of single spline HSS and pipe members.