Integrated Building Systems Course with Georgia Tech

May 09, 2024

Jim Case – a founding principal of U+C – taught “Integrated Building Systems” at The Georgia Institute of Technology for the spring semester of 2024.  The course is structured around the idea that Architects and Engineers are working in an increasingly integrated and computerized environment which requires these disciplines to understand each other’s work philosophies and principles at higher levels than previous generations.  It is essential to understand the broad principles of each other’s disciplines to work collaboratively.

Throughout this course, Jim taught students how to understand the design and construction principles for steel framed buildings, how to read and understand construction documents, and how to use modern software to create detailed 3D building models which efficiently create construction documents and facilitate collaboration with the project team.  He has collaborated with his co-teachers to elaborate how structural framing and architectural building envelopes interface and what design considerations the design team must study when creating a building.

The expected result of the course is for architectural students to enter the workforce with the skills to use modern computerized design tools, to work collaboratively with engineers, and to produce great design solutions for their clients.