Our Services

What We Do

We passionately seek solutions to architectural problems that are imaginative, technically sound, and economical.

We continually strive to be at the leading edge of structural engineering practice.


We are award winning professionals, technical leaders, engineering educators and synergistic thinkers ready to apply ourselves to your next project.

We are recognized experts in high-rise building design, prestressed concrete, wind engineering, seismic design, progressive collapse, disaster resistant structures and many other areas of structural engineering practice.

Our advanced analysis group is a leader in digital design, parametric modeling, structural optimization and vibration analysis.

We stay at the forefront of structural engineering practice through leadership in national technical societies and code organizations, through partnerships with academic institutions, and through a robust in-house training and development program.

We take on a leadership role in the important endeavor of reducing the environmental impact of building structures through our involvement in the SE 2050 Commitment Program and implementation of the latest embodied carbon modeling techniques.

Working With Us During Design

We believe that design is integration and judge our solutions by how well the structural needs of the project are integrated with its architectural, construction, and budgetary requirements.

Our principals personally guide the conceptual design of a project. They put forth and test multiple proposals to achieve the most appropriate structural solutions.

We are guided by the principle that our work is teamwork.

Working With Us During

We see the construction phase of a project as an extension of its design phase. Our engineers stay with a project providing continuity of design intent and exceptional construction phase service.

We take pride in providing timely responses to questions, quickly reviewing shop drawings, and responding creatively to field problems.

We are passionate and dedicated to the impact of structural engineering and are committed to enhancing the quality of our built environment. 

Areas of Expertise

Advanced Structural Analysis
Building Information Modeling
Design-Build Projects
High-Rise Buildings
Prestressed Concrete
Progressive Collapse
Seismic Engineering
Structural Investigation
Structural Steel Design
Sustainable Design
Vibration Analysis
Wind Engineering