Martin Cuadra Named PTI Fellow

February 8th, 2017


Martin Cuadra, a Senior Principal at Uzun+Case, has been named a PTI Fellow by the Post-Tensioning Institute.

A PTI Fellow has been a member of the Institute for at least five years and has made outstanding contributions to the post-tensioning industry in the areas of education, research, development, design, construction, or management.
Additionally, a Fellow has made significant contributions to PTI through committees and other involvement.

Congratulations on this achievement, Martin!

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SEAOG 2016 Individual Achievement Award Winner

January 18th, 2017


Uzun+Case Principal, John Hutton, won the Structural Engineers Association of Georgia’s (SEAOG) 2016 Individual Achievement Award for his dedication and significant contributions to our profession over the course of his career!

Each year, this award is bestowed upon a structural engineer in Georgia who has demonstrated a high caliber of creativity, dedication, innovation, and ingenuity. Integrity, ethicality, and overall genuinely good moral character are just some of the various traits this individual embodies.

John’s portfolio includes significant, award winning projects such as The Coca-Cola Concentrate Plate in Ballina, Ireland and the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Field Facility in Ogden, Utah.

He regularly presents for architects and engineers on topics such as Georgia and North Carolina special inspections requirements, design provisions for disaster resilient construction, and storm shelters during tornadoes and hurricanes.

Some of John’s professional affiliations include:

- SEAOG: Member and Past President

- Georgia Special Inspections Guidelines Committee (SEAOG/ACEC): Chairman

- National Council of Structural Engineers Association: Code Advisory Committee, General Provisions

- National Council of Structural Engineers Association: Code Advisory Committee, Wind

- Building Seismic Safety Council: 2003 Provisions Technical Subcommittee

- American Institute of Steel Construction: Member

- Steel Deck Institute: Standards Canvas Committee

- International Code Council: ICC-500 Standard Committee, “Design and Construction of Storm Shelters”

- Georgia Department of Community Affairs: State Codes Advisory Committee

- American Society of Civil Engineers Georgia Structural Technical Group: Past President

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SEAOG Officers

January 6th, 2017


In July of 2016, Adrian Persaud and Chris Lytle joined Structural Engineers Association of Georgia’s (SEAOG) Board of Directors, with Adrian as Vice President and Chris as a Director!

Past Presidents of SEAOG include three Uzun+Case principals; John Hutton, Jim Case, and Rob Weilacher.

We are proud of our employees for their commitment to our profession!

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2016 Clark’s Christmas Kids Toy Drive

December 13th, 2016


For the sixth consecutive year, Uzun+Case has had the great pleasure of participating in Clark Howard’s Christmas Toy Drive. This year marks the program’s 26th year collecting toys and gifts for foster kids across Georgia.

Thanks to employee contributions and matching company funds, Uzun+Case was able to spend just over $7,000 on Christmas presents for around 110 kids!

The shopping effort took place on Sunday, December 11th at an Atlanta area Wal-Mart.
Participants included: Chris Hines, Stephen and Nora Richards, Tom, Emily, Leah, and Charlie Pfeifer, Rob and Peri Weilacher, George Briglevich, Martin Cuadra, and Martin’s daughter Marcella Oakley, along with her husband and daughter, Chris and Isabella Oakley.

We thank all of our employees who generously contributed to this opportunity to help provide a special Christmas to so many children!

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